Institutional and campus tour

We sharpened our No.2's and stocked up our trapper keepers full of notes on what really attracts students to a campus. We can deliver photos and videos to be used in brochures, websites, social media with vital assets for your marketing material for years to come. We use a mix of aerial, exterior or interior photography and video taken by professional DSLR and cinema cameras and the latest in drone technology.


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Academic Showreel

We've worked with some of the best in higher ed. MIT and Harvard were some of our first clients way back in 2014 when drones were just starting to make a buzz! Since then, we have filmed for Boston University, Suffolk, Northeastern, and Smith College, to name a few. Academic institutions are constantly changing and in need of new marketing materials. We are here to build a lasting relationship and familiarity with your campus, staff and marketing needs, big and small.

Suffolk Stories | International Student Rayan

Boston, MA

This project was aimed at courting International students into the ranks at Suffolk. Rayan, who originally hails from the UAE, was the perfect spokesman for the excellent coursework and location of Suffolk.