Your destination is Our Vision


Crafting Story

We work closely with your marketing, creative and sales team to artistically craft and develop the story to ensure customer engagement and appreciation. 


After crafting story to your needs, our highly trained staff is then sent out to your location(s) to capture the right content. We cater all needs of each project, for example complex drone footage, supplying talent, spokesperson or voiceovers. 

Once we have all the required footages, we move to our second stage of production to post-production. We always ensure the final edit fits the vision of your destination. 

Your content will always be original and will be provided with licensed music. 

Delivery and Training

Once the content is ready, we provide you with a pre-loaded hardware kit that includes one Samsung S8 Galaxy Phone and Samsung Gear VR Headset. You always have an option to buy more pre-loaded hardware kit. You can also choose to provide your own hardware, and Above Summit will take the hurdle to provide training to install the content.

In addition, Above Summit can also provide marketing and distribution of your content throughout social media platforms, webpages and search engines.

Training is highly important for your business to ensure customers satisfaction . We provide training to your sales team on how to demo VR and use the hardware kit.