From 360' Virtual Office Tours to Company OPENINGS  

Above Summit has you covered.  With extensive experience both in event coverage and corporate environments, our team works hard in the field and behind the scenes to make sure your next company video is of the highest quality and delivered efficiently.  Our veteran pilots and professional film crews, along with our in-house editors, all work together to create a seamless package that tells the story you want told. 

Mimecast End of Year Party

Aeronaut New Years Eve 2017

Makker Kickstarter

What better way to sell an innovative product than to use slow-motion and Morgan Freeman. Enjoy this short promo!

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

What an exciting change Brooklyn Boulders has brought to our little neighborhood in Somerville!  This fun and collaborative environment has been the gathering point for a whole host of other exciting companies coming to the neighborhood.  BKB includes a fitness room, yoga studio, fireplace lounge, saunas and an active collaborative workspace.  Not to mention, they organize incredible community building events, such as farmer's markets, music shows and more.  This is a spot you have to see (and climb) to truly experience!

NextGen Realty

Not every project requires a drone! Here's a quick promo we put together for one of the largest premiere Real Estate companies in Boston.