Landscapes, Tourism and Property Tours

Our very first passion and the reason we started our business was to document awe-inspiring landscapes. Some of our first projects revolved around showing the beauty of the world around us - be it on the Croatian coastline or our own backyard. Some of our most loved and shared work has centered around that feeling of place.


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First Snow

Boston, MA

This is our most shared video ever! If you add up the different platforms, it has been shared millions of times all over the world. This passion project was filmed in the early morning hours after the first snowfall in the winter of 2017. We truly are New Englanders at heart!

First Bloom 

Boston, MA

After the success of First Snow and exceedingly long winter that followed, we were excited to debut First Bloom. Springtime in Boston is typically so short that feels like we transition directly from winter into summer. In early May is when the flowering trees light up the city and residents come out to take full advantage of their neighborhoods.

Trustees of Reservations | Coastal Properties

Properties all over Massachusetts

We have been a part of documenting Trustees properties since 2014. The organization preserves historical spots along all of Massachusetts and opens them up for the enjoyment of the public. Here is one of our favorite videos we've done for them highlighting some of their coastal properties along Martha's Vineyard.

Autumn in the Whites

Lincoln, NH

Enjoy this aerial tour of the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the fall. Nothing beats the deep reds, oranges and yellows of New England!


Marblehead, MA

Marblehead is one of the quinticentially perfect seaside towns of New England. With it's rocky shores, colonial buildings and active community, this video highlights the very best that Marblehead has to offer it's residents and tourists alike.