Above Summit is committed to the changing trends of the market. With the use of high-end technology, we bring your destination come to life for clients to be immersed in an unimaginable world. We create an experience of teleporting your customers to one of your destinations, including , resort, venue, event, property or sports arena.



Virtual Reality (VR) will lead tomorrow's architects. 

VR assists architects to carry out thorough design reviews and demonstration to clients to help them understand the design process. Virtual Reality reduces the project cost significantly by using mockups which also improves productivity and efficiency. 

One of the greatest barrier VR got us covered is switching design alternatives in multiple environments.



Virtual Reality engages student to learn in a comfortable and greater understanding environment. It lets students take virtual field trips by teleporting to a remote destination. VR can be fun for students.

Virtual colleges and universities visits makes easier for prospect students to take a virtual tour of the campus. This also lets them to take distance learning courses


Healthcare (this section requires review)

  • Virtual reality can be used to diagnose and treat a lot of diseases like phobias and anxieties using exposure therapy.
  • It also helps healthcare professionals to learn new skills in safe environment and perform surgical training without any risks.
  • VR is also used for the treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), pain management, surgical training, phantom limb pain and brain damage assessment and rehabilitation.
  • Virtual Reality takes medical lab and equipment design review to the next level.