Above Summit is a Boston-based film and photography studio specializing in aerial, drone and video production. We travel worldwide for the perfect shot.

With hundreds of hours in flight, our unique narrative approach is solidly rooted in a diversity of backgrounds in cinematography, journalism, architecture and design.



Co-founder | Creative Director | Drone Operator

Jovan wears the numerous hats required of a small business. With equal passions for art, technology and entrepreneurship, he lives for the creative rigor of a new challenge and business relationship. His diverse skills and leadership fuel our multi-disciplinary team to reach for greater heights.




Co-founder | Director of Photography

From pre-to-post production, Emilie leaves her fingerprint on every project. She is our quality control, aesthetic direction, and voice of reason. Her education in architecture combined with her natural eye for shooting and editing provide a wealth of technical and artistic sensibility. 



Filmmaker | Editor

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Enver jumped into editing straight out of college which brought him to multiple national broadcasting stations before moving to the States. When he joined us, we knew he could handle anything we threw at him. Needless to say, he became the rock to our post-production team, keeping projects on schedule and making some of our most kick ass videos!



Filmmaker | Editor

With a background in journalism and storytelling, GuruAmar loves narrative through photo or video. Her attention to detail, ability to read situations, and tendency to climb tall things for the perfect angle have made her an essential part of the team. From Florida to India to Oregon to Alaska to Boston, she is always right at home wherever her camera takes her.



Director | Filmmaker

As an award winning director, Bojan is no stranger to making concepts come to life on the big screen. From film and documentaries to music videos and commercials that reach millions of views on social platforms and publications, he runs his own business Vano Projects in NYC. He also enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach.



Production Coordinator | Pilot

Michael's been around planes and helicopters his whole life. His passion all things drone had him stalking us for years until he caught our attention with his nonstop coverage on  media outlets. Needless to say, we quickly joined forces. Whether it's working the right angle in the air or in the biz, Michael knows all the right people in the community.



Office Dog

I love hiking up mountains and long swims in any body of water I can find - and I mean any. When the human pack is at the studio, I spend my time napping under Emilie's desk while she's editing. During consultations I try my very best to be in the laps of whoever is sitting on the sofa, otherwise I'm not allowed up there.