Corporate Event and Sports

Bring the event or field to viewers across social platforms live and in high resolution (just make sure the sound crew's levels covers up the lip-sync). As for the sports - our company was named for adventure. We wake up before you wake up. We run, jump, fly and track your finest achievements.




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Sail Boston 2017

Boston, MA

When the epic tall ships sailed into Boston Harbor in the summer of 2017, we just had to be there. These grandiose and historic vessels were a sight to see and a pleasure to film! 


Mimecast | Empire

Boston, MA

Mimecast celebrated their annual end of year party in style. Hosted at Empire in Boston, they went all out to create an immersive experience and really embrace the Asian theme of the venue.

Rooster Tails | Motocross

Rochester, NH

“Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it.” -Evel Knievel

Filmed with Inspire 2 X7 Cam and Canon 5D MK4 out on the trails

Aeronaut | Jazz From The Ashes

Somerville, MA

What a way to throw a party! This immersive New Years Eve party was unlike anything we've ever seen. Hosted by Aeronaut Brewing Company and Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, we were all transported back to a 1917 New Years party featuring burlesque dancers, circus performers, brass bands, radio plays, swing dancing and gramophone records.

Echelman | Sculpture at HubWeek

Boston, MA

Janet Echelman’s whimsical work is a monumentally-scaled, knotted-fiber sculpture suspended hundreds of feet over the central section of the Greenway. Many events took place on the Greenway underneath the sculpture during Hubweek of 2015.