Hi Melissa and Charles,

We look forward to meeting with you tomorrow morning to discuss the two projects you have in mind and finding the right medium and pace to tell their story. Having studied and practiced architecture, myself, prior to entering the world of film and photography, I always approach each project with that perspective and train the rest of my team to have that sensibility.

We uncover the fingerprints of the company’s process, their hopes for how the building settles into its context over time and how they envisioned it enriching the lives of the people that pass through and around it about their everyday.

Below is a range of projects that display our narrative and visual range in the realm of architecture and development.

Best regards,


Related Beal | Narrative

Both a retrospective and forward look at one of Boston’s most influential Real Estate firms. Our work with Related Beal covered a range of projects in all phases of development and delved into the company’s lengthy history as it continues to push the envelope.

A Blade of Grass | Narrative

We thrive on developing narrative at our studio and take every opportunity to enrich the client’s visual story through their own unique voice and process.

LightView | Highlight

For LightView, we worked with the client to find talent and stage scenes catered to a specific demographic. We utilized a four person crew to move through a concise production schedule to stage, light and execute each scene and provided the client a live preview of each take.

One75 Federal | Highlight

A project highlight cut with a heavy dose of stats and graphic call outs as well as three motion tracked renderings of the proposed design which we accomplished by modifying the architect’s provided SketchUp model.

Corsair Apartments | Highlight

Our standard project highlight cut combining aerial and ground footage with some light graphics to tie it all together and set to a commercially licensed song.

Architectural Photography

Be it from a helicopter, drone or good old fashioned ground work, the images we create capture a sense of place, use, scale, and materiality - the essence of your design. The stills work we do is seamless in style with our videography, leaving you with a consistent look throughout your visual asset library.

Lifestyle & Event Photography

Whether we work with trained or untrained talent, our photographers know how to stage a scene and capture your brand message in an impactful and natural way that resonates with your target audience. We cut our teeth shooting events where timing is everything so we know how to anticipate a perfect moment and be there to catch it.