Minds Wide Open Premiere Date


We are excited to announce that Minds Wide Open, a stimulating neuroscience documentary we have worked with, is premiering this September 11 at 8am EST on Discovery USA! We did a series of aerials with them on a misty Boston morning through the Harvard Medical Campus and along several iconic views of the Charles River. This incredible project couldn’t have been done without a talented group of people and an engrossing story line about the potential the human brain has in discovering major breakthroughs in medicine, disease, and more!

Minds Wide Open will also be aired a second time the following Tuesday on September 18th, and later can be streamed on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes or Kanopy on September 19th. If you have the Discovery Go App, you can stream the documentary the day after the premiere on September 12th.

We can’t wait for all of you to view the final product!

Check out the official trailer at: https://www.cheninstitute.org/en/minds-wide-open/ 

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