How Drones Are Helping the World


Despite much criticism and controversy against them, drones have proven to be highly effective in helping society and making us all better off than before. For example, drones can be used in helping decrease shipping costs, crime, and illegal hunting.

In Bulgaria, Dronamics is a company that has developed a drone that is the size and strength of a plane. According to Eric Adams of, Svilen and Konstantin Rangelov of Dronamics, say the drone can, “haul nearly 800 pounds of cargo up to 1,550 miles, a far cry from the 10 or 15 miles, or even just a few blocks, that most drone delivery services are targeting” (Adams 2018). Unlike regular airplanes, these new drones are able to, “operate at a cost at least 50 percent lower than conventional, human-piloted cargo aircraft” (Adams 2018), which is thanks to the unique development, operation, and production of the new drone.

As Dronamics is producing drones that ship cargo for an overall price that’s vastly less than shipping cargo with an airplane, South Africa is using these aircraft to decrease poaching and crime. In Cape Town, drones are currently implemented to catch these criminals and offenders. According to Jim Moore of AOPA, “Since their implementation in Cape Town, drones have helped assist in hundreds of arrests” (Moore 2018). These drones hover at industrial sites and railroad tracks within the city where crime, especially theft, is the highest.

It makes an absolutely unbelievable difference...Our clients say they can’t even begin thinking about life before.
— Otto Werdmuller von Elgg of UAV and Drone Solutions

On top of crime and theft prevention in South Africa, drones are also protecting elephants from poaching. As ivory increases in value, so does the demand to hunt these animals, which is why countries like South Africa and Botswana use thermal drone cameras to hover above protected areas to detect people present.

Check out this intriguing video by ABC News that talks more about how drones are used to combat rhino poaching in Africa:

It’s clear that drones are revolutionizing our daily lives and that their implementation has yielded a lot of positive results. The only question left is, what’s next? Their use is endless and they should continue to be used in society.

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